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2012-01-26 2 76 Vimeo

楚天都市报20100823 江夏四兄妹病床前唱歌一年唤醒植物人父亲 去年3月,江夏区元丰村58岁的秦师傅突发脑溢血,长期昏迷不醒。老伴和四个孩子对他全力抢救、细心照顾。秦师傅以前最喜欢唱《国歌》和《洪湖水浪打浪》,兄妹几个就反复唱给他听。今年8月3日,他们的歌声终于唤醒了父亲。 Chutian Metropolis Daily 2010-08-23 Four Children From Jiangxia District Awakened Their Comatose Father By Singing Songs For One Year In Yuanfeng village Jiangxia District last March, Mr. Qing, a 58-year-old man, was attacked by cerebral hemorrhage suddenly, and fell in a long-term coma afterwards. His wife and four children looked after him and strove to save him. Repeatedly, they sang his favorite songs to him, such as The National Anthem of the People's Republic of China and Honghu River. Finally, the songs awakened their father on August 3rd this year.