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Wreck-It Ralph (2012) Pencil Test: Dialogue from 'Cyrus' by Nik Ranieri

2013-06-12 331 11,816 Vimeo

Here is a hand-drawn test for “Wreck-it Ralph”. Nik Ranieri was asked to animate the character of Ralph, as a guide for the animation of the character in the film. "As a parting reminder of my last years at Disney, here is my last hand-drawn test for a Disney production. (...) It took me 2 months to animate this scene because, 1. I had to adjust the look of the character as it changed, which meant redoing some of it and 2. I basically did all the drawings myself. Most animators don’t do every drawing in a scene, but I wanted it fully animated and since I didn’t have any inbetweeners, I had to draw everything. Enjoy." - Nik Ranieri Source: Nik's FB Page: © Walt Disney Animation Studios More Nik pencil tests at Living Lines Library: