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CASSANDRA MARTIN - Fitness Model: Arms, Back and Chest Workouts for Women @ USA

2016-09-27 605 29 46,809 YouTube

See how to get a perky chest, strong back, sexy arms and banish that bra bulge with these arms, back and chest workouts for women. Learn the best back, arm and chest exercises for beginner level all the way up to advanced. Targeting your chest, arms and back is easy with exercises that require these muscle groups to activate simultaneously. Ejercicios de brazos, hombros, pecho y espalda para las mujeres que desarrollan y definen la parte superior del cuerpo. Exercices pour les bras, Épaules, la poitrine et le dos pour les femmes à développer et à définir le haut du corps. 練習武器,肩部,胸部和對婦女發展和界定上身背部。 Упражнения для рук, Плечи, грудь и обратно для женщин, чтобы разработать и определить верхнюю часть тела. Übungen für Arme, Schultern, Brust und Rücken für Frauen um den Oberkörper zu entwickeln und zu definieren. Subscribe on MY FITNESS GIRLS for more fitness videos: Watch other fitness videos: BRUNA CAROLINE - Fitness Model: Leg, Quads & Glutes Training For Women @ Brazil LUCIANE HOEPERS - Fitness Model: Butt and Glutes Workouts @ Brazil SOMMER RAY - Fitness Model: Workout, Fitness & Female Fitness Motivation @ USA LACI KAY SOMERS - Fitness Model: Workout, Fitness & Female Motivation @ USA LINN LOWES - Fitness Model: The Best Exercises for Women @ Sweden THE BEST EXERCISES (FOR EVERY PART OF A WOMAN'S BODY!) EVA MARIE - WWE Superstar: Amazing Fitness Body | Fitness Motivation @ USA NATALIA ZARDON - Fitness Model: Get Strong Abs, Glute and Leg Muscles @ Panama SAMI MARIE - Fitness Model: Exercises To Stay Slim and Healthy - Best Weight Loss Exercises @ USA LINN JACOBSSON - Fitness Model: Exercises for Getting Fit and Sexy - Legs, Butt & Abs @ Sweden SUELEN BISSOLATI - Fitness Model: The Best Leg Exercises to Strengthen the Quads and Glutes @ Brazil Watch free exercise videos with the best exercises for your body and tips to get the most out of your workout at MY FITNESS GIRLS (