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Dragon City - Super Plumber Dragon [Video Game Island | Walkthrough Completed]

2017-06-19 69 3 3,437 YouTube

∎ Dragon City | Video Game Island "Super Plumber Dragon" - Special Event ∎ • Super Plumber Dragon : There's nothing this dragon can't do! From fixing your kitchen sink to rescuing a princes tormented by a giant monster, he can accomplish it all. When the Super Plumber Dragon has time off, he likes to organize crazy races with his friends. • Bluebolt Dragonn : When a curse black smoke kidnapped all his friends, the Bluebolt Dragon spent years on a mission to rescue them. Now that he;s finished, he's come to Dragon City to show off his talent and speed! • Arzur Dragon : Heroic Dragons evolve to their young stage at level 10 and become adults at level 20. Noble, vigorous, handsome... and irritable like no other. The Arzur Dragon is capable of saving the world, but he's always in such a bad mood that he's more likely to set it on fire instead. • Demon Viper Dragon : Fangs, fire, and fury! The Demon Viper Dragon is a force to be reckoned with. Whether burned or bitten, his enemies won't stand a chance. • Dragem Dragon : Kia ora! The Dragem Dragon summons the powers of the old to represent his tribe in battle. A fierce and proud warrior, he is no stranger to island life ∎ How to Breed Super Plumber Dragon ∎ Super Plumber Dragon is not Currently Breedable. Sorry ! ∎ Join our Community ∎ Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Download on iTunes - Download on Google Play - Build and decorate a magical, floating Dragon City! Breed dragons and hatch eggs to discover new species! Feed, grow and train your dragons for combat. Customize your dragon team and engage in combat with opponents from all over the world! Prove yourself as a true Dragon Master! Dragon City is completely connected to the Facebook version, which means you can take care of your dragons, enter in to battle and manage your DragonCity anytime, anywhere! FEATURES: • 100+ different dragons so far... with new dragons landing on Dragon City every week! • Build your Dragon City with lots of farms, special buildings and gorgeous decorations! • Battle online with thousands of players and their dragon teams! • Breed and combine up to 10 types of Dragons: Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend and Pure! • 160+ goals to complete! • Experience the cutest animated graphics ever! • Invite and help your Facebook friends by sending gifts! Sharing is caring! ^^ Enjoy ^^