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How To Install Copper To Pex Shower and Bath Plumbing

2016-04-03 3,388 347 980,771 YouTube

HOW TO RENOVATION VIDEO LIBRARY: Converting plumbing from copper to pex has never been easier. In this video Jeff shows one of the ways you can install plastic tubing while still coming from a copper source. This time Jeff tries out a new compression fitting product by Sharkbite, check out the video to see how they did. This Youtube channel was designed for average help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near two decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will a series of How To videos as well as before/after Total Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out! Check us on on Facebook: Our Website: Video Editing Services by: Moskal Multimedia Royalty Free Music by: "Slow Blues Backing Track in Cm" by Admiral Bob 2010 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) Attribution: Creative Commons Slow Blues Backing Track in Cm by Admiral Bob Available at: CC Attribution (3.0)